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Prospect Hill Orchards - Cherry, Peach & Apple Pick-Your-Own

A family-run PYO farm offering cherries, peaches, and apples, with a rich history dating back to the 1800s, providing a fun agricultural experience.

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Another one to add to the fall favorites list. Prospect hill is a great dog friendly orchard that is a little closer to home. Settled on top of a hill with beautiful views of the lower Hudson Valley. They have a cute tractor ride if you don't want to walk up the hill and they will allow your pup on it for the ride! The also offer delicious cider, coffee, donuts, and pies.

mustangdmv 3 years ago

Prospect Hill Orchards - Cherry, Peach & Apple Pick-Your-Own Guides

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    More and more people have been traveling with pets lately, and the number of pet adoptions this year has skyrocketed! If you're anything like me you want to bring your furry family member everywhere with you! This is a list of some of the dog friendly places that @finn.call_adventuredog has accompanied me to. As a general rule, even if a place states they are pet friendly, it is always nice to double check with someone when you first go in.