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Charming hilltop medieval town in the heart of Italy known for its red wine, Renaissance buildings, and stunning views of Tuscan countryside.

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Cinnamon-tinted Montepulciano has been posing for postcards since Etruscan times. It crowns the undulating ridges of Southern Tuscany with belfries and castles that go back centuries. Park up below the old town and wander in. You’ll soon be lost in a labyrinth of alleys laced with wine shops (the vino nobile is a must-try!) and flower-strewn B&Bs. The crenulated Palazzo communale stands next to the Santa Maria delle Grazie church on the main plaza. It’s people-watching heaven, with a tasty ice-cream outlet to boot!

jrfrancis 3 years ago

Montepulciano is hallowed territory in the world of wine lovers. The rich Vino Nobile that is plucked from the aged vines here is famed around the globe for its sprightly and refreshing taste, fusing red berries and plum in blends of Sangiovese grapes. But before you taste yourself into a stupor, there’s a town to see! Yep, Montepulciano is way more than just a viticulture hub. It’s a gorgeous medieval center with streets that weave and wind around crenulated towers, sometimes opening to views of the Val di Chiana, other times descending into underground trattoria scented with truffle and cheese.

jrfrancis 3 years ago

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