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San Juan is a cozy mix between city and beach town. You’ll find office buildings near hotels and restaurants. And here, the beach is never too far away. If you’re staying at one of the city’s many popular resorts, you may be near Condado beach. It’s a hotel-lined beach with endless restaurants within walking distance. For a bit of water sports or nightlife, head to Isla Verde in Carolina. The waters are calm and perfect for jet skiing or banana boat rides, and you’ll be sure to find food vendors selling empanadas or similar small bites along the water. At Ocean Park, you can retreat for serenity on its laid-back shores, perfecting for lazy waterfront days. 

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    Puerto Rico is a stunning island, and for American travelers it’s a no-passport-necessary paradise. Like much of the Caribbean, San Juan and its surrounding regions have beaches and waterfalls galore. The local cuisine is rooted in African, indigenous Taino, and European foodways and features plenty of fresh seafood, pork, plantains, rice, beans, and most importantly: […]