Japan Miyagi Shiroishi

Zao Fox Village

A unique park in Miyagi, Japan where visitors can interact with over a hundred free-roaming foxes in a serene, forested setting.

Tips from the community

While not actually in Sendai, it’s just a quick bus ride away. The fox village itself is exactly what you’d expect: a snowy retreat full of hundreds of friendly, playful foxes. In Shinto mythology, the fox, or kitsune, is a treasured and magical creature, so these foxy friends are very well-respected, cared for and loved. At this village, you can stay overnight in a traditional house (but be warned: the foxes have the run of the place) and you can enjoy them to your heart’s content. Zao Fox Village is a little-known (and totally irresistible) space in the heart of Eastern Japan.

WillHarris 3 years ago