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Mount Takao

A popular hiking spot in Hachioji, Tokyo, known for its rich nature, temples, and stunning city views.

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Even though it’s an hour away from Shinjuku station, Mt. Takao is still actually within Toyko. The hike begins immediately after you get off the train at Takaosanguchi station, making this the perfect day trip within city limits. Just a simple train ride out and back. Choose from six different trails to get you up the mountain and pick a different one to get back down. I recommend trail one for the way up and trail six for the hike down. Trail one leads you through numerous shrines and impressive views of the valley below. Trail six is a bit less straightforward and a little more adventurous. Occasionally the trail is a creekbed, but you’ll pass the beautiful Biwa Waterfall and some gorgeous nature scenes. If you can, avoid this hike on the weekends. It can get a little too crowded for enjoyment.

laurenallain 2 years ago

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