Sri Lanka Uva Province


A small town in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka, known for its tea plantations, lush green hills, and the iconic Nine Arches Bridge.

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Just as Switzerland’s Glacier Express or the Trans-Siberian start a-piping up, the train from Kandy to Ella breathes deep and says: “Hold my beer.” Yep, this is one of the undisputed stunning railway journeys of the globe. Things start low, weaving through groves of banana trees and teaks. Then the line cranks upwards, and before you know it, you’re lost in a sea of emerald greens, with tea plantations undulating to the horizon and mountains that look like gnarled fingers peeking through the clouds in the distance.

jrfrancis 4 years ago

What’s more notable than Ella, Sri Lanka itself is the train ride to it, and you’ve likely seen a photo or two of it already because of that. And with good reason, this place is seriously postcard worthy. Nine Arches Bridge (also known as Bridge in the Sky) really makes us want to drop all of our responsibilities for some Sri Lankan vagabonding.

sarahlempa 3 years ago

Ella is a town in Sri Lanka that straddles a rocky landscape painted with endless green plant life. Experience the iconic train ride from Kanda to Ella to witness the true wonder of this scenic destination.

seeker 3 years ago

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