Sri Lanka

An island nation south of India, known for its ancient Buddhist ruins, lush tea plantations, diverse wildlife, and stunning beaches.

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In Sri Lanka, the use of cannabis has always been closely tied to spiritual celebrations and traditional medicine. In the 1980’s, the Ayurveda Act made sure that the use and and subsequent sale of marijuana for the purposes of celebrations and medicine were legally protected activities. Ayurvedic doctors still prescribe marijuana to treat certain ailments, and Ayurvedic pharmacies are permitted to sell the plant as part of medicinal mixtures. Cultivation is allowed as well, but only by the government and government-sanctioned growers.

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  • Jaffna

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  • Taprobane Island - Sri Lanka

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    Taprobane Island originally called “Galduwa”, located just off the southern coast of Sri Lanka opposite the village of Weligama, is a private island and was originally built in the 1920’s. It was renamed after the old Greek word for Sri Lanka, by its most famous owner, Maurice Talvande who style himself as "Count de Mauny Talvande" . This island comprises two and a half acres of secluded gardens, jungle and the sea. Look north for the mainland, look south where there is nothing between you and the South Pole. . . #ceylonroots #ceylonrootssl #ceylonrootsexperience #taprobaneislandsrilanka #taprobaneisland #taprobane #taprobanesrilanka #weligma #weligamasrilanka #weligamabeach #downsouth #srilankatravel #srilankatourism #visitsrilanka #sosrilanka #srilankaprestige
  • Sri Lanaka,

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  • Kandana

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  • World Heritage Sites in Asia

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  • World's Most Popular Destinations

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  • do before i die destinations

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    If I don't get to sip tea in Sri Lanka's hillside, read books in the Lake District, cozy up with Christmas lights in Zermatt, and watch grizzlies catch fish in Alaska before I die, I'm gonna *riot*. From the totally obtainable (White Sands National Park) to the obscure (Lofoten), here's my big, bad, do-before-I-die bucket list.
  • Bucket List Trips!

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  • The Best Weed-Friendly Travel Destinations for 2021

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  • Do before I die

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  • My top surf spots

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