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National WWI Museum and Memorial

A premier institution dedicated to remembering, interpreting, and understanding the Great War and its enduring impact on the global community.

National WWI Museum and Memorial Guides

  • Kansas City Parade of Hearts- Downtown

    visitkc (Visit KC )
    This spring, more than 100 local artists will showcase their love for our region in a big way, and you can follow their hearts! Each of the 5-foot by 5-foot hearts is a unique design, with the artist’s inspiration and story behind it. Some hearts are whimsical, some are celebratory, some are thought-provoking…and all are simply beautiful. You’ll be captivated as you encounter these works of art during your normal daily travels. Download the app and plan your very own heart-stopping tour with Kansas City's KC hearts map!
  • Must see in KC

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  • National Museums in Kansas City

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    Widely celebrated as a hotbed of barbecue, jazz and fountains, Kansas City has also curated a reputation as a preeminent destination for museum-goers. Whether in search of western heritage, world war understanding or smaller-than-life miniatures, Kansas City touts an assortment of national museums that examine culture, conflict and compromise.
  • Queer Eye in KC Self-Guided Tour: Season 4

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    Relive iconic moments from Seasons 3 and 4 of Queer Eye by exploring in-depth guides that showcase the restaurants, attractions and other hotspots frequented by the Fab 5 and the heroes they helped. Can you believe?
  • Kansas City's Famous Fountains (And Where To Find Them)

    seeker (Seeker Editors)
    Kansas City is known as the City of Fountains and is said to have more fountains than Rome. Here's a list of some of our faves (+ where to find them!)
  • The 9 Best Museums in Kansas City

    kaylee (Kaylee Giacomini)
    Kansas City is famously recognized for beer, BBQ, and history, but did you know that they have an extensive and nationally recognized museum scene? Kansas City and surrounding suburbs have museums that celebrate everything from Jazz to pioneers to miniature toys. The city also houses the national WWI museum and memorial; an interesting place to check out and remember the Great War. Visit some of the best museums in Kansas City during your stay in the list below.
  • Kansas City Museums not to miss

    mustangdmv (Danielle Call)
    For a little history, check out these great Kansas City museums.