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A cozy bistro serving Swiss-style melted cheese dishes, often paired with meats, potatoes, and pickles for communal dining and social gatherings.

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The key to my heart? Cheese. Warm, gooey, melt-in-my-mouth cheese. 
After going viral, Raclette has become a hotspot for cheese lovers everywhere. Order a plethora of delicious dishes and experience the wonder of having melted cheese scraped directly off the wheel and onto your plate. Their brunch also features a variety of elevated classics, and they have delicious desserts to share.  Raclette also has specialized cheese scrapes for every flavor. Garlic scrape, truffle scrape, smoked scrape – endless scrapes galore! As our dear friend Cady Heron once said, “The limit does not exist.”

cleopatra 2 years ago

Raclette is a great restaurant in the lower east side. If you like cheese, this is the restaurant for you. They have many cheese dishes but are specialized in the Raclette which is a dish where you melt the top of the cheese wheel and scrape it on top of potatoes and meat. It is a perfect winter meal and is worth the calories.

loulianavoelker 3 years ago

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