Australia New South Wales

Kosciuszko National Park

A vast protected area known for its alpine scenery, ski resorts in winter, and hiking trails in summer, including Australia's highest peak.

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Kosciuszko National Park is located in the southern part of New South Wales and is home to Australia's highest mountain, Mount Kosciuszko. It boasts breathtaking alpine landscapes, scenic hiking trails, and crystal-clear rivers perfect for fishing, swimming, and kayaking. Visitors can also enjoy skiing and snowboarding during the winter months at the park's ski resorts.

seeker 1 year ago

Kosciuszko National Park houses the highest peak in Australia, and while a well-known spot is less visited by alternate protected areas of the country. Explore snowy mountains ready for exciting snow activities, explore mysterious caves, and rest along the coast of sprawling, sparkling lakes.

seeker 3 years ago

Snow in Australia!! Yes, it's real, no, it's not a fever dream. It was so cool to see the Aussie landscape covered in snow.

sarahlempa 3 years ago

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