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15 Creative Date Ideas in Vancouver For Any Budget

Marissa D

Vancouver, BC, Canada

West Coast, best coast? When it comes to date ideas, the answer is definitely yes! Vancouver—Canada’s third-largest city—is a special place for daters to enjoy the wide variety of fun and romantic activities the British Colombia Coast has to offer. From sweeping views to unbelievable world-class food, every corner of the city has a unique charm that outdoes the last. While there are endless choices, we boiled it down to the best. Below are 15 unique, creative, and budget-conscious date ideas in Vancouver.

Stroll hand in hand at Vancouver’s iconic Granville Island Public Market

Granville Island Public Market, Vancouver, Canada.

Granville Island Public Market is a funky and year-round destination with so much to offer that it is, hands down, one of the best date ideas in Vancouver. Walk through the creative art galleries, check out the broom shop (lives up to its hype), nibble samples from the food stalls, snag a coffee from JJ Bean, listen to the live buskers, and admire views of the water and skyline. Seriously, some of the city’s best eats and more unique stores are hidden here. You can even commemorate your date with a visit to MAKE, a one-of-a-kind creative destination where you can get personalized items embroidered, printed, or engraved.

Reach new heights at The Hive Bouldering Gym 

The Hive Bouldering Gym, Vancouver, Canada.

Reach new romantic heights at The Hive Bouldering Gym, an extensive space for climbers that welcomes and encourages every skill level to have their go at their many climbing walls and spaces. The East Vancouver location offers private courses with an instructor as well as two-hour free climbing sessions, depending on your skill level. So whether you want to enjoy a leisurely climb or race to the very top against your date, it’s the perfect date idea if you’re into combining fitness with lots of fun.  

Get your heart rate up with a hike to Quarry Rock in Deep Cove 

Quarry Rock, Deep Cove, Vancouver, Canada.

One of the top date ideas in Vancouver for escaping it all is Quarry Rock. The trail winds through the dense forest before opening up to an incredible and memorable view of the Indian Arm fjord over the Burrard Inlet and the mountains of Belcarra. Quarry Rock hike is a moderate 3.5 km round trip, taking about 2 hours, so you can keep the conversation flowing the whole way up. What comes after the hike? A doughnut, duh! No visit to Quarry Rock is complete without a visit to the iconic Honey’s Doughnuts.

Get dirty in the kitchen at The Dirty Apron Cooking School 

The Dirty Apron Cooking School, Vancouver, Canada.

Cooking together is an incredibly romantic and fun bonding experience, as it activates all five senses as you work in tandem with your date to create something from nothing. Learn from fabulous chefs at The Dirty Apron Cooking School in the heart of Vancouver who offer a wide range of cuisines and dishes to learn, ranging from Vibrantly Vegan to Ocean Potions seafood to Tasty Thai, there is something for everybody and every taste. The best part? You get to dig into your delicious creations afterwards.

Have a dinner date with a hidden twist at The Dark Table

The Dark Table, Vancouver, Canada.

Forget a standard dinner date! Pair a meal with a side of adventure at one of Vancouver’s most unique date ideas and culinary experiences: The Dark Table. The Dark Table removes all light and is led by visually impaired or blind staff, inviting your senses to guide your evening as they become more intense without sight. Everything feels like it’s being experienced for the first time in the dark and is a brilliant way to bond with your date. The menu is upscale and first class, rivaling some of the best Vancouver restaurants. There is no technology with light allowed in the dining room, so leave your phone at home. Bon Appetit!

Cycle and see the sights at the Vancouver Seawall

The Vancouver Seawall, Vancouver, Canada.

No bike? No problem. Head to the trusted Spokes Bicycle Rentals to grab the bike of your dreams – whether it’s a cool city cruiser, a mountain bike, an electric bike, or a tandem. Then, hit the world-famous Vancouver Seawall: a 10 km circular route that takes you through the best of Vancouver. Cruise through Stanley Park, beneath the Lions Gate Bridge, pass by the Girl in a Wetsuit bronze sculpture, admire the mountain ranges, and dip your feet in at First and Second Beach. There are multiple spots to take a quick photo break to commemorate the special date. The Seawall is one of the best things to do in Canada.

Take your date on a picnic at Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Park 

Queen Elizabeth Park is one of the highest points in Vancouver, and with more than 130 acres of luscious park to explore, it makes for a pretty dreamy picnic location. Enjoy the expansive views of the city, take in the gorgeous mountain ranges, luscious greenery, and colourful flowers dotted around the park. 

Dance the night away at Guilt & Co 

Guilt & Co, Vancouver, Canada. C: @duet_live

Guilt & Co, located in trendy Gastown, is one of the best bars in Vancouver and features candlelit tables, heavenly cocktails, and tasty bites. Every night is music night at Guilt and Co, with an incredible range of local and visiting artists that perform in the intimate venue ranging from live jazz to DJs. 

Pamper your partner at Willow Stream Spa 

The Willow Stream Spa, Vancouver, Canada.

The Willow Stream Spa is one of the best date ideas in Vancouver for true romantics. Forget the world around you and focus just on your date, where you can experience the outdoor deck with expansive views that you can enjoy from the private jacuzzis, infrared sauna,  and meditation pod. There is no shortage of couples treatments to be indulged in ranging from a side-by-side couples massage, Japanese style soaks, full-body wraps, facials, manicures/pedicures, and plenty more. You’re bound to leave feeling like a whole new person. 

Do a self-guided tour on part of the BC Ale Trail 

Red Truck Beer Co., Vancouver, Canada.

One thing about Vancouverites is they love their craft beers and there is no shortage of places to enjoy them. Vancouver’s best craft breweries are small, independent companies using their own traditional and unique methods to design everything from source to stouts. Grab your main squeeze, head to Main Street, and hit the BC Ale Trail: home of Red Truck Brewery, Main Street Brewery, Brass Neck Brewery, 33 Acres, Electric Bicycle Brewery and plenty more. Cheers! 

Have your Lady and the Tramp moment in Little Italy 

Little Italy, Vancouver, Canada.

Located on funky Commercial Drive is Vancouver’s Little Italy, a special Italian hub in the heart of Eastern Vancouver. Stroll the streets with your date hand in hand, expressing Ti Amo to each other, and stop at the many impressive bakeries to enjoy fresh goodies from Livia Forno e Vino and La Grotta Del Formaggio. But don’t fill up before enjoying a slice of mouthwatering pizza at Soppra Sotta.

Really sea each other at the Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver, Canada.

It’s no secret that it rains a lot in Vancouver. When you’re looking for the perfect escape, head to the Vancouver Aquarium, home to more than 65,000 exciting animals and more than 30 exhibits. Bond with your special someone as you meet rescued seals, blacktip reef sharks, jellyfish, sea otters, penguins, frogs, and plenty more.

Laugh out loud at Comedy After Dark 

Comedy After Dark, Vancouver, Canada.

Hilarious is the new hot. Couples who laugh together, stay together. With shows from Wednesday to Sunday, Comedy After Dark is one of the best date ideas in the city, featuring a rotating list of both local and visiting comedians bound to keep you cracking up the entire show. Comedy After Dark pairs comedy with tasty bar bites and tasty drinks for a truly memorable evening. 

Hang on tight with a walk over one of Vancouver’s suspension bridges

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver, Canada.

Brace yourself for an adventurous outdoor hike that includes an exciting suspension bridge. There are two main options for your date day: The Capilano Suspension Bridge (which comes at a cost) or the less busy—and totally free—Lynn Canyon Bridge. Both are incredible all year long as you stroll high up in the sky, trusting and leaning on each other to overcome any fear. 

Get date night tipsy at Bella Ceramica

Bella Ceramica Studio, Vanouver, Canada.

Bella Ceramica Studio is a cozy nook that welcomes creative couples to come in and paint unique creations while simultaneously sipping wine. Every session offers a different theme, ranging from painting canvas about nature, to painting wreaths, and even painting pottery. Maybe create something for each other?