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What is the tallest mountain in the US?



Danali National Park‘s Mount McKinley (aka Denali) in Alaska takes the prize for the highest peak in the United States at 6,190 meters (20,310 feet). In fact, Alaska has the top 10 tallest mountains in United States! Coming in 2nd through 10th place we have: Mount Saint Elias on the Yukon, Canada and Alaska border, Mount Foraker in Central Alaska, Mount Bona in Eastern Alaska, Mount Blackburn in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Mount Sanford, Mount Fairweather, Mount Hubbard, Mount Bear and rounding out the list, Mount Hunter.

You might be surprised to learn the 11th tallest mountain is Mount Whitney, in California – making it the tallest peak in the contiguous United States – at 4,421 meters (14,505 feet). Located on the border of Sequoia National Park and accessible from the famous John Muir Trail, Mountain Whitney is a popular summit amongst adventure seekers. From the otherworldly Alabama Hills of Eastern California, Mount Whitney’s peak is viewable at sunset through the insta-worthy Mobius Arch arch.