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Tokyo on the weekends can be rough. Those packed rush-hour trains run at all hours, packed with people who clocked over 60-hour work weeks getting out to enjoy life outside of a cubicle. But out in Kasai Rinkai Koen, there’s no lack of personal space. This hidden Tokyo park is massive, almost 200 acres, and sits on Tokyo Bay, which has a proper beach for wandering with toes in the sand. Fun fact: the beach sits on an artificially created island. Pack a picnic and a frisbee and spend the day with Tokyo families out enjoying the day off. If you eventually realize you’re really bad at tossing a plastic disc, head into the Tokyo Sea Life Park, the aquarium located within the park. If you prefer to stay outside, hop on the 383 foot high ferris wheel where you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Mt. Fuji during the 17-minute ride. Be sure to wander west between the ferris wheel and the bay where the canoe and kayak slalom course for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is under construction. If you’re still around come nightfall, look to the east where you’ll catch the Tokyo Disney Resort nightly fireworks show. Food trucks specializing in shaved ice, grilled meat sticks and coffee are at the aquarium entrance if you need a snack. And if you run out of adult beverages, there’s a convenience store at the train station which is also the entrance to the park. Food, great views, a beach, aquarium, ferris wheel, and testing your frisbee skills is sure to make for an authentic Tokyo Sunday.

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