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San Francisco Bay Area is where I found a second home <3

San Francisco is the beating heart of gay pride throughout the USA. As a major backdrop of the journey LGBTQ+ Americans faced- SF establishes itself as a must-see destination to embrace LGBTQ+ history and culture. This June visit this gorgeous and welcoming town for festivities and joy around every corner- and not to mention historical sites and rainbow flags.

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Historically a thriving LGBTQ+ destination, San Francisco proudly hosts a vibrant scene with plenty of cool activities and friendly people. There are several exciting LGBTQ+ events throughout the year in SF and a fun nightlife culture that is a must for anyone looking to party. Check out San Francisco's massive pride festival in June for a busy itinerary or just stop by for the usual sites and make your way to some of the most iconic gay clubs in the world.

San Francisco is *the* spot to celebrate pride in the USA, with fun events, a world-famous parade, and one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly cultures, all beneath the beautiful California sun. Small and large festivities take place along every winding street of the city so be prepared for a busy itinerary.

In San Francisco the party starts from May 2nd onward, this energetic city is easily one of the best places in the world to be in early May for tasty Mexican food and fun activities. Including entire days packed with live performances from Bay Area artists, world-famous Mexican cuisine, and exciting specials and events popping up throughout the city, there is no end to options of how to spend this lively holiday. Check out the family-friendly annual Cinco de Mayo celebration that is held in the historical Mission District of the city, and enjoy live mariachis, salsa ensembles, and mouthwatering Mexican street food, and of course- fiesta.

San Francisco is one of America's favorite destinations. This cosmopolitan melting pot is perfect for a packed itinerary. The hilly streets of SF are lined with shopping boutiques, cozy coffee shops, and mouthwatering restaurants. Take a stroll through Golden Gate Park, drink bubble tea in Chinatown, visit Fisherman's Wharf, tour Alcatraz Island, and more in this iconic destination.


When: April 20th, 2021 Where: Golden Gate Park, San Fransisco, California, USA 4/20 at Hippie Hill is a tradition that dates back to the 70’s. Each year, tens of thousands of people arrive in San Fransisco from all over the world to celebrate the ganja plant in one amazing 420 friendly event. This year marks the first that attendees can actually purchase weed inside the park, so we’re thinking that 2021 is going to be a seriously special smoke out.

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