Medellin is a fascinating city with lots of history.

Enjoy a cosmopolitan getaway in the thriving city of Medellin. With vast botanical gardens, rich history, beautiful architecture, and incredibly friendly people- Medellin is the perfect sunny destination to enjoy with your mother. Enjoy the countless sites and activities of the city together, and make time for a day trip to Guatape, a vibrant and colorful village with a breathtaking natural landscape and gorgeous coast side views.

Population is growing in Medellín, and so is the number of visitors from other countries. Digital nomads in particular have been flocking to the city for its year-round comfortable weather, outdoor workspaces, and rich Colombian culture. Prices are low, people are friendly, and arepas are available in abundance. What more could you want? Cost of living: $1,193 USD per month WiFi: 6 mbps

Colombia Antioquia

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