Over in eastern Europe you’ll find Tallinn: an up-and-coming cultural hub in Estonia. Combine picturesque buildings, medieval stone walls, and enchanting cobblestone streets and you get a dreamy European city, perfect for winter getaways. Tallinn’s Old Town is the place to be for a throwback to olden times this winter vacation, where locals will stroll the streets in full medieval get-up. If you’re a fan of music, Kohtuotsa Viewing Platform provides the perfect combination of gorgeous views of the city and a variety of musical sounds (it’s where local musicians love to hang out). Estonians are big fans of coffee culture, much like their Nordic cousins, so visit RØST Bakery and kill a few hours people watching. You’ll spot breathtaking architecture like the Russian-orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, but make sure to save time to dig into some food and cocktails at Rataskaevu 16, a cosy spot with Estonian cuisine. Want to continue the historical theme? Check into the Knight House at Ruutli 16, a hostel that used to be home to knights back in the 13th century. 

Estonia is fairly off-grid when it comes to tourism. When it comes to nomads, expect the unexpected. Tallinn has been growing a reputation lately, and even been described as Europe’s next Silicon Valley. Interesting, eh? In addition to innovation, Tallinn’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with Gothic architecture, historical landmarks, and diverse dining options. Cost of living: $2,214 USD per month WiFi: 24 mbps

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