Ok, I’ll say it: anyone who says there’s a better city than Sydney to celebrate an epic New Year’s Eve is lying. So there. I said it. Sure, I may or may not be subjective on this, but let me assure you: Sydney knows how to put on a good show. You may have to contend with bone-crunching crowds as you find a vantage point on that glorious harbor, but once those fireworks start, you’ll be so mesmerized that you’ll totally forget that you’re sharing the spectacle with 1.5 million friends-you’ve-yet-to-meet. The Foti Fireworks family has been at the helm of celebration in Sydney for over a decade, and they never fail to impress. Sydney’s NYE fireworks consistently rate as the best in the world, with over 1 billion people watching the live show across the globe. Do yourself a favor, though, especially if your 20s are long gone: book a table at one of the many waterfront restaurants and watch the visual extravaganza in comfort. It’ll set you back a few, that’s for sure, but if you’ve never experienced that kind of crowd, trust that it will be exceptionally overwhelming. Buying a little personal space in Sydney, on NYE, is priceless. And so is the show.


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