Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Spanning more than one million acres across Northern Minnesota, Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is filled with rough cliffs, open canyons, rolling hills, tall rock formations, rocky shorelines, sandy beaches, and 1,175 lakes. The current landscape was formed about 17,000 years ago as the last glacial period ended. Since then, boreal, temperate, and hardwood forests have spanned across the area. In the summer, visitors enjoy canoeing, kayaking, birding, hiking, pack rafting, and camping. In the winter, visitors have a chance to see the northern lights and go dogsledding. As such a distinct and valuable environment, gaining status as America’s 64th national park would protect the Boundary Waters from future environmental harm. Currently, the areas is at risk of sulfide-ore copper mining which would drastically change the natural beauty of this place forever.

With endless canoeing pathways and waters to explore, this remote destination is an offbeat one that transports you into an adventurous, and picturesque reality. Tour through simple trails, and take refuge in a cabin near the misty shores, or spend your days exploring the miles of waterways. This is an ideal destination for adventure and nature lovers.

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