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The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth, and a national treasure found in Israel. Surrounded by the gorgeous Negev Desert landscape, The Dead Sea is so salty that no fish could ever survive, rightfully earning the iconic name. The Dead Sea is considered truly precious in that there are healing properties found in the mud, and that you can naturally float in its salty waters.

The Dead Sea is really just a lake, but we’ll let that slide because this incredible body of water lives up to its name: the Dead Sea is the lowest point on the surface of the earth, it’s filled with so much salt that fish can’t survive, it’s perfect for non-swimmers (you literally cannot sink), and it is known for it’s unique and magic health and healing properties. Pro tip: There are a handful of public beaches along the Dead Sea’s shores, but Ein Gedi is the most popular. And before you take a dive in, make sure to find a local shop or hotel and ask for Dead Sea mud. Buy a small jar, lather it all over your body, hop in the water, and float the day away.

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