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  • My Travel Life Told in Places

    ⁣When I was younger, me and my family would always go to the beach during the summer. We would travel out of the country once in a while. But I think my thirst for travel and adventure really started when I got out of college. By then I have the time and the means to go out and explore. Sometimes with friends, sometimes on my own. Here are some places that tell my travel story through the awesome prompts provided by Seeker
  • Mom can we go to Europe?

    Mom: No, we have Europe at home 🇵🇭 Europe at home🇵🇭: #meme
  • Wonderful Nature Spots in the Philippines

    The Philippines is blessed by Mother Nature with an abundance of beautiful spots. From pristine beaches, to enchanting forests, surreal river canyon and amazing fauna. To celebrate Earth Day, here are some of my favorites. #SeekerChallenge

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