Think fast! There’s a man on a donkey careening towards you while someone else is intently trying to sell some fragrant spices from dozens of giant colorful buckets. Enter the Marrakech medina: a bustling hotspot for the senses with endless trinkets, fresh picked dates for days, and plenty of puzzling streets that fool at least 97% of navigation attempts. Most of the dreamy riads you can stay at are within this area — formidable, oasis-like lodgings that are everything one could possibly envision a Moroccan fairytale setting to be. I could’ve happily moved in at Rodamon Riad, a gorgeous multi-level guesthouse with deep emerald décor and a breezy rooftop to soak up the sun. Pro tip: If you can afford the time, stay for three days (at least) to experience most of the city. I got a little swept up and wandered around for an entire unplanned week finding new gems around every twisty turn. 10/10 travelers recommend.

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