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As you’re about to find out, Harajuku is an area of gimmicky restaurants. The main street is overflowing with crepe stalls, which usually have a crowd of students hovering outside them giggling ‘oishii!’ into their French pancakes. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, however, one of Japan’s best gimmicky chains is here: Tendon Tenya. This restaurant offers a wide selection of tempura (deep-fried seafood and vegetables) for fantastic prices. Tempura is the kind of food that can be enjoyed by anyone, from vegetarians to carnivores, children to adults. It’s so much fun to eat, and Tenya is a great choice, especially in Harajuku where every kind of food is one-track-minded. Average tempura meal price: ¥325/$2.90 Perhaps the most iconic of Tokyo’s districts, the area is home to the famous Shibuya Crossing, a giant cross-walk which ushers pedestrians across from the station to the bustling streets. Before crossing, however, make sure you take Exit 8 out of the station and say hello to Hachiko, the adorable dog statue. Then, once across, pop into Starbucks to get that coveted bird’s-eye view of the crossing in motion, surrounded by bright neon and towering skyscrapers. Feel free to grab a coffee and head out into the streets. Once satisfied with your exploration of the shops and boutiques, it’s time to dine and drink.

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