Public Art Hotspots Around The United States

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Because we believe that art is for everyone (!) Nothing transforms a cityscape like a massive red abstract work of art clashing against a cloudy sky, or a vibrantly colored mural popping out behind abandoned train tracks. These destinations are famed for their lengthy collection of public artwork, from wine country estates in California decorated in International sculptures to Greensboro painted in every color across every wall of prominence. These are some of the most incredible public art hotspots throughout the country, so grab your best camera and let's go art hunting!

Kansas City, The Donum Estate, Reno, Greensboro, Costa Mesa, Philadelphia, Chicago

  • Kansas City, United States

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      Public art is woven throughout Kansas city thoroughly, from historic sculptures to massive art installations challenging our perspectives and being essential to the art landscape of the united states. Witness massive colorful murals, abstract statues, and more throughout this buzzing metropolis.

  • The Donum Estate in Sonoma, United States

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      Tucked away in the rolling green hills and luxurious atmosphere of California wine country, The Donum Estate hosts one of the world's largest collections of public art. Featuring over 50 artworks, the estate is home to an evolving collection of international work across continents, bringing the power of dynamic design and imagination to be easily accessible.

  • Reno in Nevada, United States

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      There are hundreds of public art accessible to visitors of Reno, Nevada. Close to the iconic Burning Man festival, over time the creative energy of the festival overflowed and transformed Reno into a creative paradise full of colorful murals, abstract artwork, and public installations.

  • Greensboro, United States

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      Greensboro is famed for its incredible public art murals that pay homage to the unique cultural heritage of the city. Uncover vibrant rainbow-hued murals behind old train tracks and down alleyways, or out front and center- there is so much visually to take in in Greensboro that you won't be able to put your camera down.

  • Costa Mesa, United States

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      If you have heard of the iconic Costa Mesa Art Walk then you understand why we had to add this sunny Californian destination to the list. The Art Walk is comprised of over 20 pieces of breathtaking public art spread throughout the city. Any public art lovers dream, make your next vacation an artsy Cali getaway with this creative destination.

  • Philadelphia, United States

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      Philadelphia is one of America's oldest cities, rich in history and deep cultural roots that are reflected prominently in the public art throughout the thriving city. From historical monuments to abstract installations, Philly is one of the most important cities for art in the country.

  • Chicago, United States

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      Chicago is famed for its dynamic public art that spans graffiti to full-on installation work that challenges and complements the public space. From the iconic "Cloud Gate" by Anish Kapoor reflecting the city from a new angle to the abstract "Flamingo" sloped over in intense red against the cloudy city backdrop. Along with world-class museums, Chicago is a must for art lovers.