Newly Reopened Destinations For Vaccinated Travelers

Seeker Editors

We are ready and waiting, these stunning destinations across the map are ready for tourists! Make sure to check local restrictions and policies before buying your ticket, but don't let a PCR test stop you from a safe and beautiful travel experience. From Vietnam to Fii, these idyllic spots are cautiously opening, and us cautious adventurers are ready to explore. Plan smart, and take a trip in 2022 to one of these breathtaking destinations.

Cayman Islands, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Madagascar, Fiji

  • Cayman Islands

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      These Caribbean islands are reopening in a safe and easy fashion, making traveling safe and secure- and plenty of fun at that. Dipped in golden sunlight and salty ocean waves, these dreamy islands are an idyllic getaway for relaxation and meditation. Enjoy days exploring gorgeous landscapes, enjoying some much-needed sunlight, and incredibly delicious cuisine.

  • Cambodia

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      The ancient temples steeped in history and culture, the deliciously spicy street food available at *every* corner, the bustling towns, and peaceful countryside- can you tell we are excited that Cambodia is now open for fully vaccinated tourists? This historically significant and rich destination is full of secrets and adventures to uncover, with stunning architecture, warm temperatures, and leafy nature to explore.

  • Vietnam

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      For the first time since the beginning of 2020, fully vaccinated travelers are welcome back to the breathtaking country of Vietnam. Visit UNESCO world heritage sites, taste delicious Vietnam flavors, and embrace the beautiful culture and history that decorates the idyllic country. It's no secret we all have Vietnam on our bucket lists, so def make sure to plan your trip!

  • Malaysia

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      With plans to be open by January first at the latest, Malaysia is gearing up to allow travel for vaccinated tourists. Tour the bustling streets of Kuala Lampur or visit ancient temples, indulge in some tasty local cuisine, and relax beachside- Malaysia is easily one of the most exciting and gorgeous Asian countries to visit this winter.

  • Madagascar

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      Madagascar is welcoming travelers again to its sandy shores and gorgeous landscapes- watch unique wildlife and bask in the true beauty of nature at this stunning East African destination. Perfect for exploration and adventure, or just some good r&r time, it's no wonder so many tourists are eager to hit the beach of this island nation again soon.

  • Fiji

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      As of December first travel has reopened at this island paradise for vaccinated tourists, so don't fret about not enjoying a warm winter just yet. Fiji is made up of crystal clear waters, endless nature, and sandy beaches to enjoy a fruity cocktail on- exactly where we want to be in January.