Cities In The US With Amazing Art Scenes

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Huge installations, small gallery hopping, and museums full to the brim with bucket-list-worthy pieces- this is the ultimate art guide to the United States. From Marfa to New York City, there is always something exciting to uncover artistically while traveling the diverse map of the country. Whether it is the parties of Art Basel Miami or a day in The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, take a look at our selection of the best cities in the US with amazing Art scenes.

Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Marfa, New Orleans, New York, Miami, Pittsburgh, Charleston

  • Chicago, United States

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      Chicago's bustling city life is not complete without its world-renowned art scene, with impressive art museums and galleries. Art lovers from across the map travel to this destination for a taste of diverse art culture, spanning throughout the entire windy city. Whether you are seeking small gallery hopping or want to take a tour of a huge collection of work such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago or The Art Institute of Chicago, there is always something to see in Chicago.

  • Houston, United States

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      The Museum of Fine Art in Houston is easily one of the most amazing art galleries to visit in the world, a massive museum that will eat up an entire day or two with an incredible curation of work. Houston's diverse culture shines through its creative scene that features incredible pop-ups, galleries, and cultural events.

  • San Francisco, United States

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      With a lengthy list of diverse galleries and museums to explore and a picturesque environment to do it in, San Francisco has long been an aesthetically appealing art destination. Explore the hillside pavements accompanied by some of the countries most famed galleries, including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

  • Marfa, United States

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      With so many metropolitan cities Marfa stands out with gorgeous natural landscapes and an art scene that is unlike any other. The Chianti Foundation brought immersive art installations to the vast landscape of Texas that have defined Marfa ever since. A true bucket-list-worthy destination for any art fan, Marfa incorporates some of the most imaginative pieces that feed off their environment for a fascinating conceptual experience.

  • New Orleans, United States

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      New Orleans has long been a melting pot of culture, with extensive food culture and creative sensibility that is unique to the city. It is no wonder that so many artistically inclined individuals are drawn to the colorful southern destination, with plentiful galleries and cultural events that are sure to inspire.

  • New York, United States

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      When it comes to art, it's no contest for NYC. Featuring an extensive list of renowned institutions and small galleries lining every block of the big apple, a trip to New York is an art lover's dream. Take a day trip to the Chelsea neighborhood full of cutting-edge art galleries such as David Zwirner, or famed international museums such as the Museum of Modern Art- there is enough art to fill up a lengthy itinerary in the city.

  • Miami, United States

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      With international events such as Art Basel and an extensive list of both local and massive galleries to visit, Miami's gorgeous beachside views are elevated with creativity. There is always something interesting to discover in Miami, whether it's the event of the year, Art Basel, a week-long celebration that attracts the best and brightest of the art world, or art pop-ups that happen year-round.

  • Pittsburgh, United States

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      Home to Andy Warhol and his largest collection of work spanning his entire career, Pittsburgh is an off-beat art destination that has some of the most eclectic museums in the world. Tour The Mattress Factory for entirely immersive art experiences, The Andy Warhol Museum for a look into the late American artist's creative process, and The Carnegie Museum of Art for a massive collection of influential work.

  • Charleston, United States

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      With over 40 exciting galleries including a mixture of contemporary and classic options, Charleston is a city just brimming with creative excitement. This hospitable South Carolinian destination is made up of a vivacious food scene, gallery hopping, and an aesthetically forward landscape that is beautiful enough to tickle any art lover's spirit.