What’s life like in your region of the world right now?

I'll go first: Location: Santa Clara County, California (site of the first community transmission in the US) Current Situation: 91 cases in my county, 2 deaths All schools have been cancelled for 4 weeks, gatherings over 35 people are restricted and over 100 are banned. There are very few masks being worn in the streets, but bars and restaurants are empty, store shelves are bare and everyone is pretty much planning for the long haul at home. People in the service industry are taking noticeable precautions like wearing gloves and using hand sanitizer after every transaction (where are the

  • Location: North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Schools and Kindergarten are cancelled for 5 weeks now. People who work in a hospital, police or anything important can bring their kids to a special place so they don’t miss work. Hand sanitizer gets stolen in hospitals, toilet paper and noodles are sold out in all stores. It feels weird not to know how long events are cancelled and for how long you’re not allowed to meet your friends. Even tho our inland vacation got cancelled. I’m wondering how long I can do my work without complications.

  • Location: Rimini, Emilia-Romagna, Italy We are currently in a quarantine for a month. Work places, restaurants, shops, schools, gyms: everything is closed. No one can leave his own house unless it’s for grocery shopping and just one member of the family can go just if it’s necessary, always keeping 1 meter of distance from other people. Streets are empty and the police is everywhere checking the streets. Right now 1441 people died in Italy but that’s now our major problem because usually people that die have other pathologies . We have no space in the hospitals for reanimation and Covid1

  • I've been living in Bali for the last month. Surprisingly, everyone is still staying very calm despite the fact that the island has seen a lot of tourism from affected areas (and is a major international travel hub in general). No quarantines so far, but I have a feeling there are far more cases than they're telling us / or more than they're currently aware of. Decided to stay put to wait it out so I'm hoping for the best

  • I am from Hong Kong, with 141 confirmed cases and 4 deaths by Covid 19 virus since the late January 2020, while we got the previous hit by our protest against our government since June 2019. So, as a Hong Konger, we can share our Covid 19 experience in preparations: 1. Wear a surgical mask when you are out from home; do not expect the mask is a full protection and buy N95 masks which shall be facial fitted and for medical staff 2. Keep good hygiene - wash all items, ifrom top of your head to the bottom of your feet, after going out; wear any washable items or disinfect non-washable sh

  • Location: Istanbul, Turkey There are 6 cases in Turkey so far. The government is doing a good job and keeping control of the situation. They are also keeping people from panicking as much as they can but people seem afraid. The cleaning efforts in the city have been greatly increased, and starting Monday, March 16, students will not be able to go to school in order to avoid the assembly of crowds. Even though the number of cases is low, and even before the first case was discovered, people started emptying out malls. Having a 3-year old and a 6-month old, we go to the play area in malls

  • Location: Tiberias, Israel Here - we are on the way to a total shutdown. It started with limiting tourists entering the country - depending on the country they came from - started in China, and then grew to restricting Koreans, Japanese, .. until they did a closedown of all toursists. This was the governments way of restricting the virus entering the country. Israelis, returning from abroad, have had to stay in quarantine for 14 days upon landing in the country. Personally , we are in the incoming tourist business, so we have closed our doors as there are no tourists to serve. All employee

  • Location: Jerusalem, Israel By now we have about 200 confirmed cases of Covid-19 an 0 deaths. There has been many restrictions over here: 1. Any gathering of 10 people or more have been canceled, including universities, schools, kindergartens for the next 4 weeks (until after Passover, one of our holidays) 2. Many workplaces are close (except grocery stores, hospitals, police stations...). 3. No one travels abroad anymore because it doesn't matter where you are coming back from - there is a 14 days quarantine. Generally, I believe things are still under control, although it looks a

  • Location: travelling through Juayua, El Salvador. No confirmed cases here. Borders are completely closed to everyone since 3/12. We managed to get in 2 days before the border closed. In addition, all schools are closed for 21 days, I believe. The local people don't seem to be panicking. They don't stare at us any more than usual, even when my wife sneezes from allergies. Workers at the border and bus stations have started to wear masks and/or gloves, but many of them don't wear them properly anyways. A weekly food festival was cancelled this weekend in the tiny town of Juayua, wher

  • Location: Bavaria, Germany Bavaria is about to START introducing restrictions to movement and closures of schools and some businesses as of this coming week and people are already freaking out about what that means. As an Italian on an extended stay in Germany, and having seen and understood the disastrous consequences of a slow reaction, I can't actually believe people are so reluctant to self-isolate. Those around me can’t fathom the idea of a whole country on lockdown yet Italy (and China before that) have proven that it is indeed possible and probably the best course of action. Everythi

  • Here in NYC, cancellations abound- Broadway shows, concert halls, museums, church services. Schools are still open, but I doubt for long. I am getting alerts on my phone every 30 minutes about another case discovered, another push for lock down, more tips for staying healthy. In my apartment building, the staff are wearing gloves and scrubbing something else every time I go to the lobby. I just made my last grocery and drug store run for awhile. I went to a small gourmet grocery around the corner and it was chock full of beautiful fruit and veg, but no customers. I was one of 4. I hope the

  • Evanston, Illinois, just north of the city of Chicago was yesterday declared a local state of emergency. I have checked into various high end grocery stores and pet shops and have been shocked by the buying hysteria. Wealthy citizens of the area who can afford to drop hundreds of dollars in one amassing leave feeling smug that they "got theirs" for the hunkering down. My husband and I live in a small one bedroom apartment and barely have the space for excess nor the capital to stockpile it. My husband is an excellent commercial pilot currently not not flying, thank God, as he is on FMLA a

  • Location: Vermont, USA

    Vermont has 12 confirmed cases, doubling our total just over the last 24 hours. While our numbers are small in comparison, we're definitely not messing around. All bars and most small businesses are shut, schools and universities are cancelled, and public gathering is currently capped at 50. While we still have toilet paper in the Burlington area, I haven't been able to find a piece of fresh ginger root anywhere (VT priorities).

    With the world feeling kind of rough and way-too-much right now, I've been beyond blown away by by the compassion and humanity

  • Location: Barcelona, Spain Current Situation: 12,000 cases, nearly 500 deaths Before I had the luck of jumping on a flight back to Canada, we were just beginning a full lockdown in Spain. You're only allowed to leave your home with a valid reason, such as going to the supermarket, buying medicine at the pharmacy, working, or caring for a family member. The normally-packed streets of Barcelona are now empty and the police can now stop anybody on the street and fine those without a legitimate reason. Everything is pretty much shut down – bars, restaurants and shops – except for non-essential

  • In Greensboro, North Carolina we are in a state of emergency with all dine-in areas of restaurants being shut down as of 5pm tonight (Tues., March 17). I am a teacher, and as of right now, school is cancelled for 2 weeks, but administration “unofficially” told us that they’re announcing soon it will be 8 weeks minimum. I’m not originally from the south, but I’ve noticed an attitude of strength and hope that pervades many local businesses even though most have chosen to shut their doors for the time being. Sometimes the resilient approach can border on foolish, with people continuing to travel,

  • Current Location: Manila, Philippines Our government declared a nationwide emergency, and we are on a state of locked down until, April 14. All ports are strictly monitored by the police and local government officials. Social distancing is not properly practice by the majority of the lower class, (due to lack of income) they still need to commute to go to their small businesses and earn a living. Day by day, our government issue new policy just to perfect the operation, to protect the majority and widely spread the knowledge about the purpose of this lock down. In my opinion, the major

  • Currently In Manila, Philippines there’s a full lockdown. All land, air and sea transport between regions has been suspended. There are still international flights available for non citizens to leave the country. All malls, shops and businesses apart from supermarkets, some 7/11s and hospitals have closed until further notice. The lockdown was currently applied from 15th March until 14th April. However if cases will improve, the lockdown will lift. As of today there are: 193 cases 6 new cases 14 deaths 4 recovered 175 active cases 1 serious critical Social distancing

  • Boston, MA Not sure how many cases or deaths we have. Most schools and universities have closed, many for the rest of the school year. Many white collar jobs are having people work from home. Some restaurants are still open but they are totally empty. All big events have been cancelled (e.g. Boston Marathon). Friends have cancelled their parties too. Streets are eerily way more empty than usual. I was supposed to dog sit for some lady this weekend but her trip was cancelled. She said I could come over and play with the dog and she’d pay me anyway. When I went over she immediately handed

  • Falls Church, VA 67 cases in a Virginia We are doing "social distancing," where we are supposed to avoid being within 6 feet of other people. However, they say to limit gatherings to less than 10 people, so it's unclear if we're allowed to socialize with friends or not. There are still people out and about, even going to work, but I try to limit my social time to the outdoors. Our neighborhood has lots of kids, who spend hours a day playing together, which has been great. With school cancelled until mid-April, we're getting the hang of entertaining ourselves indoors and having a sched

  • Channel Islands, UK 1 Confirmed case. All travel is restricted - anyone coming into the island must isolate for 14 days. Everything is still open (right now) - Schools, Coffee Shops e.t.c. Anyone with flu-like symptoms are told to self-isolate until they feel better, then 48 hours after that. The Town Centre is still busy - all shops are still open. Yet shelves are empty.

  • Greetings from the capital of Kosovo, Pristina. We have 20 confirmed COVID-19 cases and no fatalities so far (19march). Schools are closed for three weeks, only groceries and pharmacies work everything else is shut down, including international transport. There is a huge panic about food, the only product that is entirely missing is the flour/wheat. Despite the low number of cases government intends to declare 'state of emergency'. It is scary cause or health system is totally out of function and government has reacted by imposing measures but there is a huge uncertainty. Good help u