My flight to Tenerife on 18th March was cancelled by jet 2, will l be refunded my money

  • Hey John, I found this on Jet 2's website: "We are working extremely hard to deal with the unprecedented situation arising from the COVID-19 outbreak in Europe and ensure that affected customers receive all appropriate support and assistance. However, in line with the advice from the UK Civil Aviation Authority, delays and/or cancellations arising from circumstances relating to COVID-19 will be treated as extraordinary circumstances and therefore not eligible for compensation under Regulation EC261/2004." Here's the link for your reference: If you

  • I am in the same boat with a flight to Cyprus due a refund. They told me via facebook chat that the flights would automatically be refunded back to credit card within 3-5 working days which hasn't happened. I saw the above statement and too but that is for any serparate compensations per EU law (up to 600EUR for delays/cancellations). They can avoid paying that for extraordinary events which this is. However they still should refund or rebook. that is a separate matter. Depending on travel insurance they may pay out some compensation. The actual refund for the flights are still due and they

  • So they just came back to me saying they will issue a full refund back on my credit card as they flight dates have passed (I asked if I could amend dates but as the date has passed they issue refunds) The form I tried is for the EU compensation (You wont get the extra payment as this is treated as extraordinary but I used to form for the refund claim instead and it seems to work so it may work for that as that is the only form the seem to have online.) I stated on the form I'd just like a rebooking or a refund. Form: