I’ve bookt a flight with easyjet to turkey in June will I get a rufund if they can cell it

  • Hey Yvonne, this is what EasyJet’s policy page is saying currently: “Where we’ve been required to cancel flights, customers will be able to transfer to an alternative flight free of charge or receive a refund.” If your flight gets cancelled, you should get a refund without an issue as of today! I’d suggest waiting and seeing what happens with the cancellation then requesting a refund instead of a change. Good luck and be well

  • Thanks yvonne

  • EasyJet has said they’ve grounded all there planes will I get a refund now

  • Their website states that customers are eligible for refunds if they have to cancel flights, so I would call them ASAP to process your refund.

  • Mt flight not due until June 25 so shall I wait

  • I would wait for the official cancellation email and then contact the airline directly if I were you! Best of luck.