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19 Plus Size Travel Bloggers That Will Inspire Your Next Trip

Chantel Loura

Lisbon, Portugal

Travel is for everyone, and these plus-size creators are here to remind you of just that! This list of badass creatives are charting the globe, filling your feed with wanderlust, and encouraging you to book that flight ASAP. Exploring areas of intersectionality, radical self love, equality and representation, you’ll find more than just epic pictures and helpful travel tips: these plus-size creators are speaking out for marginalized voices and creating a seat at the table to make travel inclusive for everyone.


Val is the road trip queen you’ve been looking for. She is the creator behind the travel and lifestyle blog The Roaming Redhead. Hopping all over the United States, her expert advice for outdoor travel and her one-of-a-kind plus-size perspective offers a refreshing and inclusive tone to all that she puts out into the world. 

@fromannettewithlove / @fatgirlstraveling

Annette is the founder of the travel group Fat Girls Traveling and the creator of her own blog From Annette With Love. She is a plus-size woman who works tirelessly to uplift the voices of marginalized communities. Whether she’s hanging out in Tennessee, California, or Mexico, her messages of self-love and female empowerment follow her as far as her travels take her!


Kristina is the proudly plus-size creator behind the travel blog Living Wonderfilled. This St. Pete Beach, FL-based blogger shares her own vulnerable moments as a plus-size woman while traveling and offers an optimistic voice to cheer you on while you navigate your own body positivity journey around the world.


A force to be reckoned with, Leah from is a fat, Black Muslim and offers no apologies for being such. She’s a legend in the plus-size community, known for her straight-forward approach, endless advocacy, and work to make brands more inclusive. She is an award-winning author and just released her first book Unashamed: Musings of a Fat Black Muslim: a memoir of her own journey of self-discovery to live life unapologetically. Her writing is deeply eloquent and her Insta pics are jaw-dropping.


Hannah is a Canada-based travel expert that offers a treasure trove of travel materials through her blog Eat, Sleep, Breathe Travel. Her travel photos are striking, and the advice she offers is knowledgeable, well-constructed, and helpful. Find her on IG enjoying her best summer lake life with her pup not too far behind.


Jeff is the high-spirited, award-winning founder of Chubby Diaries: a platform dedicated to redefining what it looks like to travel and a much needed voice on plus-size male travel. Jeff works with national brands and tourism boards to create space for plus-size people in the travel world while also sharing a multitude of plus-size perspectives to inspire any would-be travelers.


Sarah is a digital creator whose originality is unmatched. Her comical personality shines through all of her travel advice, her content over at The Blessed Journey rocks, and her colorful, tropical pictures will have you packing your bags in no time. 

@kirstyleannetravels / @plussizetraveltoo

Kirsty is a UK blogger who wants to encourage all plus-size people to travel no matter their size. Her blogs and Plus Size Travel Too offer countless resources to plus-size travelers. In a space where plus-size travel is often overlooked, Kirsty’s perspective and content is unable to be ignored and makes a difference for future plus-size travelers. 


Whether it’s a love for all things foodie or all things Disney, Bianca is delivering it to you on a steamy plate. As real as it gets, Bianca will have you laughing at her antics while simultaneously mapping out your next getaway. Speaking openly and honestly about her experiences as a plus-size traveler, she offers a chance for other plus-size travelers to feel seen and heard.


Franny is the micro-cation queen and teaches others to do the same through her travel blog Franny the Traveler. More than just helpful travel articles, her blog posts uplift underrepresented voices while tackling hard-hitting topics like decolonizing travel, traveling as a Black woman, and many others.


Sam is a self-proclaimed “Plus-Size Latinx Mountaineer” and the founder of Climb Big, a community for fat and plus-size rock climbers. She creates representation in adventure and outdoor travel that is welcomed in the plus-size community. Also a talented photographer, her travel captures from the great outdoors will have you tempted to book a camping trip this fall. 


Tegan is a Canadian digital creator living life a little slower in the French countryside. Her trips through France and Europe always drum up a dreamy and romantic aesthetic while her raw messages of learning to love the skin she is in will have you falling in love!


Taylor is the confidence hype girl that every person needs in their life. Her relatable humor and self-awareness are invigorating and makes any plus-size person who feels limited by their size throw those limitations out the window. Whether she is inspiring you through her podcast Happy Tracks, her body acceptance workshop, her yoga practice, or her travel blog Taylor’s Tracks, Taylor will have you feeling worthy of all the experiences you want to make happen.

@callmeadventurous / @londonloveletter

Sam is the London-based creator behind the travel blog Some Call Me Adventurous. Whether she’s filling your feed with visually stunning content or inspiring you to hop over to the UK, Sam delivers powerful messages of equality and empowerment in ways that will leave you begging for more.  


Em is a US-based travel writer whose adorable pup, Milo, is always right by her side. Often sharing travel secrets learned from her pilot husband and fantastic tips on how to travel with a pet, her blog content over at Life of the Pilots Wife will excite your spirit of adventure and teach you how to incorporate more travel into your life in a way that works for you!


Sondra is coming through your phone screen to be your IG cheerleader, fabulously mixing fashion with travel. This plus-size, ATL-based, self-love advocate shares her adventures and offers encouragement and fashion advice for the fashionista traveler.


Rondel is a Sr. Director for Multicultural Content and a Brand Consultant. His content offers a Black experience for NYC and is curated in a way that highlights local communities, culture, prominent figures, and history. Not limited to simply NYC, his travels take him all over the world where the picturesque views are only matched by his stellar style. 


Kate is a plus-size group tour coordinator and travel consultant. Her extensive knowledge on international travel lends for one-of-a kind experiences and her feed will have any foodie drooling! A strong-voiced advocate for equality, her travel content is mixed with opportunities to educate yourself against social injustices. 


When rent is too expensive, what does Sylvia do? She decides to create a home out of her van instead! This video creator is sharing all of the realities of van dwelling over on her Youtube page and social channels. She’ll give you everything you need to follow in her footsteps. From showing you how to build your own vans, offering helpful tips for road trips, camping, and plus-size travel, Sylvia’s got you covered!