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Saint Louis Cemetery No. 2

Historic New Orleans burial ground established in 1823, known for above-ground vaults and notable Creole and jazz figures interred there.

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Visit a cemetery (⅘ of the historic ones are free entry): New Orleans is what some call an acropolis - a city of the dead. One of the reasons for this is the above ground cemeteries that quite literally resemble small communities due to the mausoleums. The deceased cannot be buried in New Orleans as the city is below sea level. Instead, all cemeteries feature above ground tombs. Four of the five famous cemeteries in New Orleans can be accessed for free (with St. Louis no. 1 as the exception) so check them out!

kaylee 2 years ago

If you’re looking for an iconic cemetery, you can miss the St. Louis cemeteries — book a tour to admire the amazing architecture and stained glass mausoleums.

theblondeabroad 4 years ago

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