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Brooklyn Bridge

Iconic suspension bridge connecting two major boroughs, famed for its Gothic towers and steel cables, a landmark for pedestrians and vehicles alike.

Tips from the community

The Brooklyn Bridge is an incredible feat of engineering for the 1800's. On a nice day definitely take the kiddos for a walk across it and over to Brooklyn Bridge Park (there's a great little ice cream shop on the other side). Walking across the bridge above traffic and the east river is a really fun experience!

mustangdmv 3 years ago

The best way to experience the Brooklyn Bridge is by foot! There is a pedestrian walkway and its a great way to explore at a leisurely pace. The full span of the bridge is 1.1 miles but if that's too far you can always turn back.

chiefseeker 1 year ago

Take a stroll on the bridge!

hiusa 2 years ago

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