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las bardenas reales Natural Park

Semi-desert natural region in Spain known for its dramatic landscapes, eroded clay formations, and diverse flora and fauna.

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Considering the vast natural and architectural diversity, it makes sense that the masterminds behind the Game of Thrones series chose to film several scenes in Spain. In Girona’s Old Town, the cobbled streets and uphill steps leading up to the imposing cathedral were transformed into the Free City of Essos. Beyond the collection of medieval buildings, Game of Thrones took advantage of remote landscapes, such as the dramatic isle of Gaztelugatxe in Basque Country, which was used as the ancestral home for Daenerys targaryen’s Dragonstone. Elsewhere, the desert-like badlands of Bardenas Reales Natural Park in the Navarre region were used for scenes in the Dothraki Sea, the home of the Khalasars, the horse-riding warriors who roamed the land in huge packs. Follow the show through your own Game of Thrones tour in Spain.

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