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Klein Matterhorn

A pyramid-shaped, glacier-clad peak in the Swiss Alps, reaching over 3,800 meters, home to the highest cable car station in Europe.

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The Matterhorn is one of Europe’s most magnificent mountain peaks, renowned worldwide for being the iconic picture on Toblerone chocolates. The Matterhorn itself is certainly not an easy mountain peak to climb (a dozen people die every year trying to conquer it so best give that one a miss if you’re not experienced), but its lower and much more forgiving brother next door, the Klein Matterhorn, is a whole different story. Why? Because some genius thought it would a great idea to build a cable-car to the top! The Klein Matterhorn aerial tramway does all the hard work for you (ok, that’s a little bit of cheating) leaving you with merely 10 easy, wonderful, enjoyable meters to cover on foot to reach the peak. The tram (and newly-opened glacier cable-car) stop at 3883m and is the highest point you can reach by cable car in all of Europe and a sensational spot from where to admire the nearby Matterhorn in all its incredible, alpine glory. If you really must climb something in this startling region, then use this as your starting point for reaching the peak of Breithorn (you’ll see that too from the viewing platform) a ‘relatively’ easy climbing feat (3hrs, on average) but one that does require guidance and some snow-climbing equipment. See? Something for everyone!

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