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Fabergé Restaurant

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Faberge is a name shared with the famous imperial jeweled eggs dating back to Russia. These gorgeous and historical eggs inspired one of the most delicious local brunch spots in the city. With a picturesque patio and delectable egg dishes, Faberge is a highly aesthetic brunch spot that is popular among local Montrealers.

madeleineray 3 years ago

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  • Montreal's Egg Themed Breakfast Spots

    madeleineray (Madeleine Ray)
    One quirky thing I noticed during my travels to Montreal was the number of not only impeccable breakfast joints but the frequency of egg puns in the name of said joints. Here is a list of a few of the best breakfast places in the city of Montreal, that also have an egg-themed title. While all of these restaurants have extensive ways of preparing eggs for your morning- from eggs benedict to hearty omelets, they also have lengthy menus that will satisfy even those who are seeking something a little different than l'oeuf in the morning. Bon Apetit!