Qatar Doha

Museum of Islamic Art

A famous art museum showcasing Islamic artifacts and masterpieces located in the capital city of Qatar.

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This 91 year old + museum is influenced by ancient Islamic architecture yet has a uniquely modern design involving geometric patterns. It is the first of its kind to feature over 14 centuries of Islamic art in the Arab States of the Persian Gulf. The Museum of Islamic Art represents Islamic art from three continents over 1,400 years. Its collection includes metal work, ceramics, jewelry, wood work, textiles, and glass obtained from three continents and dating from the 7th to the 19th century. The museum houses a collection of work gathered since the late 1980s including manuscripts, textiles and ceramics. It is one of the world’s most complete collections of Islamic artifacts, with items originating in Spain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, India, and Central Asia.

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Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar is one of the top museums in Asia featuring a collection of over 14 centuries of Islamic art from three continents. Its striking design, set amid the picturesque Doha skyline, was modeled after a mosque and a fort. Its galleries, which cover an area of 45,000 square meters, showcases a wide range of exquisite Islamic ceramics, glass work, textiles, manuscripts, metalwork, and precious metals from around the world, making it a must-see for art lovers and history enthusiasts alike.

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