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Mount Royal

An iconic hill with a park designed by Olmsted, offering sweeping city views and a grand cross in Montreal's heart.

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Okay, so maybe not a mountain, but at 764ft, Mont Royal is one of the best hikes close to the city. This big ole hill has deep roots, dating all the way back to 1535 when Jacques Cartier stumbled on the land and called it Mont Royal after it’s incredible views (the city of Montréal was later named after it). Today, you can explore Mont Royal in many ways. Depending on your fitness level, you can hike, bike, bus or drive up to the summit and Mont Royal Lookout. There are also lakes, pavilions and gift shops, so make sure to take your time and discover all that this hilly landscape has to offer. How to: If you’re looking for some physical activity (but want to avoid the crowds completely), head to the Outremont Summit and surrounding parks. There are no signs, and it’s pretty hard to access via public transit, but once you find it (the side entrance is located in a residential area of Mont-Royal Blvd), you’ll be greeted by pristine woods, winding slopes, and a treasure at the summit: a solitary stone lookout.

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