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A historic city in Southern Spain, famed for its Alhambra palace complex, Moorish architecture, and located at the base of the Sierra Nevada.

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After hours spent admiring the lavish palaces and picturesque gardens of the Alhambra, there’s no better way to unwind than in Granada’s illustrious teahouses. While five centuries have passed since the last Nasrid ruler was driven out of the Iberian Peninsula, some of the refined daily customs continue to live on in Granada. These teahouses are intimate and atmospheric, embellished with adorned cushions, shadowy lanterns, and opulent Mudéjar decor. If you’re looking for off-the-beaten-path things to do in Granada, it’s here where you can sip on aromatic beverages, puff on hookah pipes, and nibble on traditional Moorish pastries.

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Granada preserves some of the oldest bathhouses in all of the Iberian Peninsula, including the Turkish hammams, or steam baths made up of different rooms at varying temperatures. While personal hygiene and cleanliness have always been an important aspect of local society, these structures have also played a vital social role since the Roman times, as people would often meet at bathhouses to socialize. The structures themselves have Alhambra-like opulence with their intricately pillared underground pools. Most bathhouses offer massages to complete an authentic experience of deep relaxation, cleansing, and serenity.

braedentg 5 years ago

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