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St. Lawrence Market

A historic marketplace in Toronto, renowned for its diverse vendors offering fresh produce, meats, artisan crafts, and specialty foods.

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Exploring things to do in Toronto? A cornerstone since its inception, St. Lawrence Market has played a special role in Toronto’s history every step of the way. It once acted as city hall and later a prison before it was transformed into a market that traded everything from war canoes to the day’s freshly-caught salmon. Today, it’s home to over 120 specialty vendors that span from butchers, grocers, cheese makers, food stalls, and more. The Carousel Bakery is famous for its original peameal bacon sandwiches, whereas St. Urbain was the first place to introduce Montréal-style bagels to Toronto decades ago. Whether you’re looking to snack on pastries or you’re in the mood to sit down and dine, St. Lawrence Market is where you can get a taste of Toronto’s food scene all in one centrally-located place.

braedentg 4 years ago

The St. Lawrence Market is one of those touristy destinations that deserves the recognition. With lovely vendors, charming buskers and enticing aromas wafting throughout the hall, the Saturday-morning market is a tradition for many locals, one that offers fresh-baked bread, fine imported cured meats and local Canadian cheese. But you’ll probably get hungry—that’s when you should visit Carousel Bakery, home of the world-famous peameal sandwich. The simple, salty, thick-cut ham melts in your mouth, and has attracted the attention of numerous celebrity chefs. It’s a little pricey at $6 or so, but you’re paying for the experience more than the ingredients.

mfraiman 2 years ago

St Lawrence Market is a hodgepodge collection of local vendors selling everything from pastries to vintage clothes- but especially food. From an outside tent full of fresh veggies and home-baked goods to world-famous restaurants serving up fresh peameal bacon (it's a Toronto thing- highly recommended). Tour through the bustling halls and sample as much as your stomach can handle because it is guaranteed delicious.

madeleineray 3 years ago

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