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I lived and worked as an ESL teacher in this humble fishing town for over 2 years. Chumphon is not very touristy, and that's a good thing. It serves as a stopover for travelers arriving from Bangkok and transitioning to one of the many islands in the South of Thailand. If you happen to stop here though, make it worth your while and support my local brother Aeki who has a bar right across from the train station. Aeki is a former Muay-Thai kickboxing champion who knows how to entertain. After one night in Chumphon, you may decide to extend your stay.

the.vagrant.optimist 2 years ago

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  • Hidden Gems of Chumphon, Thailand

    the.vagrant.optimist (Josh Wicks)
    Chumphon is a small city known as the "Gateway to the South" of Thailand. It is a very common stopover point for travelers arriving on the bus or train from Bangkok before catching a boat to one of the many islands in the Gulf of Thailand. If you're seeking a less-touristy adventure off the beaten path, you'll find it here. Consider sticking around for a few days, renting a scooter and checking out these hidden gems. You'll be glad you did.
  • Places I've Lived or Called Home.

    the.vagrant.optimist (Josh Wicks)
    A list of the places where I've lived and worked, and hopefully left a little better than when I arrived. I know I'm a better person for having lived in these places.

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