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Ancient city in Thailand, birthplace of Siamese architecture, known for its historical park and magnificent Buddha statues.

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You might be roughing it in hostels and eating banana pancakes for breakie, but there are always moments of wonder on this Southeast Asia backpacking trail. Cue Sukhothai Historical Park. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a place that’s sure to get the jaw a-dropping, it’s a vast reserve that covers more than 27 square miles and a whopping 193 individual ruins. They are all of what’s left of the ancient Sukhothai Kingdom of the 13th century, offering glimpses of the Wat Sa Si and its emerald ponds or the Lanka-style elephant niches of Wat Chang Lom.

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Sukhothai, Thailand is a culturally rich and historically significant destination, famous for its collection of World Heritage Sites. The ancient city is famous for its temples, stupas, and Buddha statues, symbolizing the Buddhist art and culture of the Sukhothai Kingdom. Travelers can enjoy exploring the ruins by bike or foot, soaking up the serene and peaceful atmosphere of this important historical landmark. Sukhothai is a must-see destination for those interested in the history and culture of Southeast Asia.

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