American Samoa Eastern District Alega

Tisa's Barefoot Bar

A tranquil seaside bar in Alega, American Samoa, known for its laid-back atmosphere and direct beach access.

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Although the island was settled over 3,000 years ago, many of the ancient customs are still practiced every day – in fact, the Samoan culture is likely Polynesia’s oldest surviving culture. The Samoan Way, or fa’asamoa, refers to the rich cultural history and strong sense of tradition passed down for centuries. Dive deep into Samoan culture and hospitality by checking out one of the events at Tisa’s Barefoot Bar. Every Wednesday night, Tisa’s celebrates with an authentic Samoan Umu Feast cooked in an umu, which is a traditional oven heated by hot rocks. The food is mouth-watering! Best of all, you get to meet villagers and make new friends – genuine hospitality is a true Samoan tradition. And if you’re lucky (and brave) enough to visit Tisa’s during a full moon, you’ll experience a night of revelry and mischief at the Nude Friday PO ULA full moon party. Details on this all-night party are hush hush – what happens at Tisa’s during a full moon stays at Tisa’s! When the clock strikes midnight, you’ll be the last person on Earth to bring in the new year, surrounded by locals who have been celebrating this way for over 3,000 years. While you’re friends are sitting at home, you’ll be dancing on an island and ringing in the most epic New Year’s Eve. Love New Year’s Eve so much you want to celebrate twice? Just 550 miles away lies the islands of Tonga, where locals and visitors were celebrating a full 25 hours before. Hop on a quick 18 minute flight and count down to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021 two times in one night.

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