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A vibrant city famous for its picturesque canals, historical architecture, and liberal culture, located in the northern part of the Netherlands.

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Amsterdam is one of the few destinations that I’ve visited with friends. The amazingly walkable city by the water was the perfect destination for a girl’s trip. As a Black traveler, I expected to stand out a bit— over 81.7% of the population in the Netherlands are Dutch. However, the stately city of Amsterdam is very culturally diverse, being home to more than 180 nationalities. Immigrants from the Middle East, Morocco, Turkey, and others have greatly influenced the city, especially its culinary scene. This rich cultural mashup is a huge plus for any travel nerd. I experienced little to no trouble in Amsterdam when it came to my race. Maybe it was because I was traveling with a racially diverse group of friends, but I didn’t have that feeling of sticking out like a sore thumb. But a group of four young women walking the Red Light District after dark? LOL. Our small female friend group stood out pretty clearly as we walked that popular tourist trap after dark. The red-lit street brings many gawkers and bucket-list tourists, and we were no different. However, we did receive a bit of unwanted attention.  We received the stares, winks, lewd questions, and remarks with disbelieving laughs and shared cringes. I would have felt very different about the attention had I been traveling solo. I guess it goes to show that sometimes, putting in that extra effort to group plan is worth it. I also saw my first (and last) peepshow. It was definitely strange. but now I can check it off my bucket list. TIP: Don’t overlook the Amsterdam Museum or the Van Gogh Museum. Yes, they are popular tourist spots, but they’re popular for a reason. Plan your trip to coincide with one of the special interactive exhibits at the Van Gogh Museum for some particularly unique Insta inspiration. For foodies, it’s time to take advantage of Amsterdam’s rich cultural scene. Check out Ten Kate Market for a myriad of global vendors, from Asian to Spanish to French. For that storybook moment, have brunch at a canal-side restaurant like Bakers and Roasters. Or for a more colorful vibe, try Bulls and Dogs for a milkshake so photo-worthy you won’t want to drink it (but you will anyway)! 

thegoddess_pallas 3 years ago

Amsterdam Pride: July 30 – August 7, 2022 Amsterdam Pride is one of the biggest (and most unique) Pride events in the entire world. Here, look forward to Amsterdam street parties all weekend long and, of course, the famous Canal Parade through the historic Amsterdam Unesco canals. The boats start at the Scheepvaart museum at the eastern part of the city center moving towards the Amstel river. The floats will continue from there taking the Prinsengracht towards the Westerdok. The Canal Parade starts around 12:30 pm and will cruise until late afternoon. The street parties after the Canal Parade on start at around 16:00.  Spectators of the parade often go to Amstelveld (which is direct next to the route), the large main stage on Dam square (en route towards to Central Station) and Rembrandtplein. On top of Pride, Amsterdam’s top music venues and clubs will be hosting parties all night long.

leah 2 years ago

There’s plenty of dark fun in Amsterdam, including Amsterdam Halloween: Amsterdam’s largest annual Halloween party on October 29th. If creepy history is more your thing, don’t forget to visit the macabre Amsterdam Dungeon. Built over a medieval cemetery, the dungeon is a thrilling live show and attraction that will whisk you way back into the Netherlands’ past. See, hear, feel and (ahem) smell the chillingly amusing characters of the ‘bad old days’ as they come to life before you. During Halloween, guides lead spine-chilling, 75-minute ticketed tours in English and Dutch that are sure to scare the wits out of you.

laurenmack 1 year ago

When: December 2, 2021 to January 23, 2022 This is easily one of the most exciting events in Amsterdam over the winter, and one of the easiest to catch because it lasts a couple of months in an attempt to banish those winter blues. Comprised of hundreds of art installations made of light, the Amsterdam Light Festival is home to exhibits both on land and on water. The water exhibits are drawn out over the picturesque Herengracht canal and make for a stunning winter stroll with mulled wine– you can even see them on the water by taking a canal tour!  The land exhibits get particularly innovative with interactive light installations that respond to touch and sound. Winter has never been this fun.

booksandbao 2 years ago

There’s pretty much one rule when it comes to King’s Day in Amsterdam: wear orange. This might be the world’s rowdiest birthday bash, beginning way back in 1891 on Queen Wilhelmina’s special day. Since then, it’s safe to say it has wholly transformed. In recent years it has drawn anywhere from 600,000 to upwards of 1 million partygoers, so get ready for one hell of a hangover if you choose to join in.

sarahlempa 2 years ago

Amsterdam is an extremely charming city with many little houses that look like they are about to tip over and beautiful waterways that weave around the city. It is one of the best cities for walking around and also has some really great restaurants that are very romantic around the Valentine's Day period. There is something so special about this city's beauty that you have to experience to understand, and what better way to do so than with the person you love.

loulianavoelker 3 years ago

Amsterdam is one of the most popular cities in the Netherlands, known for its picturesque canals, charming streets and vibrant cultural scene. Visitors can explore iconic attractions like the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House, sample local treats like stroopwafels and herring, or simply stroll along the picturesque waterways of this charming, historic city. With a range of excellent restaurants, bars, and nightlife options, Amsterdam offers something for everyone, making it the perfect destination for a fun-filled European getaway.

seeker 8 months ago

Amsterdam, the vibrant capital of the Netherlands, is known for its charming canals, picturesque bridges, and stunning architecture. Visitors can explore the city's rich cultural heritage by visiting world-class museums such as the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum, or take a stroll through the lively Jordaan neighborhood. The city's laidback vibe, liberal attitudes, and diverse culinary scene make it a must-visit destination for travelers around the world.

seeker 8 months ago

Bike along picturesque canals and try authentic *coffeeshops* in one of the most inclusive cities on the planet. Amsterdam solidifies itself as famously LGBTQ+ friendly, a destination where homosexual couples can feel safe holding hands while exploring new terrains. With a diverse and thriving LGBTQ+ scene to experience in the city, and several pride festivals *throughout* the year there are plenty of great ways to enjoy this holiday destination.

seeker 3 years ago

Amsterdam is a city that is steeped in rich history and culture while being at the forefront of innovation and sustainability. It is known for its picturesque canals, world-class museums, vibrant nightlife, and diverse culinary scene. Whether you're interested in exploring the city's artistic heritage, indulging in some retail therapy or simply enjoying a relaxing stroll through its picturesque streets, there's something for everyone in Amsterdam.

seeker 8 months ago

I thought Amsterdam was just a party scene, and when I went there at 22 for the first time I was totally cool with that. But there is so much more than that, from the Van Gough museum to Anne Frank's house to so much other history and beauty. You definitely don't need to be a partier to put Amsterdam on your bucket list.

netanyas 3 years ago

Amsterdam is a picturesque city located in North Holland, Netherlands. It is famous for its beautiful canals, historic museums, intricate architecture, and vibrant nightlife. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely bike ride through the city, witness world-renowned artwork at the Rijksmuseum, or visit the popular Anne Frank House. With a friendly and diverse population, Amsterdam has something for everyone to enjoy.

seeker 8 months ago

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, is a vibrant and cultural destination with a rich history and architecture. It's known for its 17th-century canals, world-famous museums, and bustling nightlife. Visitors can explore the city's many attractions on foot, by bike, or on a boat tour, and enjoy the unique Dutch cuisine at local restaurants and cafes.

seeker 8 months ago

Through the elaborate canals and cobblestone pathways of historic Amsterdam, lies some of the most exciting Kings Day events in the country. Visit Amsterdam, the heart of the Netherlands, for fun activities and parades as well as world-famous nightlife. Visit a traditional coffee shop for some 420 friendly products and experience the local lifestyle of cycling the picturesque streets.

seeker 3 years ago

With New Years parties ranging from fancy balls to all night raves, Amsterdam would certainly be an exciting place to celebrate the new year! Explore the beautiful canals by day and check out the mini winter festival. Make sure you find some oliebollen (fried dough balls) and champagne to ward off evil spirits heading into the new year!

mustangdmv 3 years ago

Amsterdam is the only place on Earth where it feels like being LGBTQIA+ is the majority. This Dutch capital city is worth a visit for its picturesque canals, unique architecture, and lively LGBTQIA+ scene. Their annual Pride celebration is notorious for its massive street parties and canal parade.

chantelloura 2 years ago

Boat along canals, bike alongside established architecture, and walk through Amsterdam’s famous city center. Clean, easy, and safe, Amsterdam is an international city that allows travelers to uncover its wonders by foot. Stroll down iconic roadways, sample some local cafes, and tour the endless eclectic boutiques.

seeker 2 years ago

Cozy cafes around every corner, an appreciation and anticipation in the air, and plentiful leafy trees transforming pre-winter, Amsterdam is a dreamlike autumn getaway. Stroll along the tree-lined canal and take in the glimmering shades of amber, orange, and ruby red.

seeker 2 years ago

Sometimes referred to as the NL Theater Festival’s quirky sister, Amsterdam Fringe Festival is all about bringing avant-garde productions to light.

michele 3 years ago

Best place I traveled the year? #Amsterdam #WeAreSeeker #12DaysofChristmas #12DaysofSeeker

laurenmack 1 year ago

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