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Brother Juniper’s serves some of the best breakfast options in Memphis. They have won many national accolades since their conception in the 1960’s. The restaurant is named after one of the cooks who served St. Francis of Assisi. The story goes that although Brother Juniper was rather poor, he still managed to cook a delicious meal every day. The establishment Brother Juniper follows this idea. Food doesn’t have to be expensive to be outstanding. Each month the restaurant raises money for charitable organizations while serving one of the best breakfasts in the city. Try the cinnamon roll pancakes or one of their giant, open face omelets.

kaylee 2 years ago

Brother Juniper’s is one of Memphis’ most beloved brunch options serving up casual Southern fare in a laid back setting. Their cinnamon roll pancake is one of the best options on the menu if you have a sweet tooth, but they also serve phenomenal omelets that can’t be overlooked. Come hungry and try them both! Brother Juniper’s also serves up Southern hospitality with their friendly staff and inviting dining room.

kaylee 2 years ago

One of Memphis' fave breakfast places has a few vegan options on the menu including a tofu veggie scram and a tofu sausage scram.

leah 2 years ago

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