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Risotteria Porto Mancino

A popular dining spot in Verona, Veneto, Italy known for its delicious array of risotto dishes and charming atmosphere.

Tips from the community

I have always heard of this restaurant, but I’ve never been there.For Christmas 2021 my family decided to go there. The place is very cozy and cute. This Restaurant is known for their Risotti.Firstly we had the Italian Antipasto. And I remember that the bread for the bruschetta wasn’t enough and we had to ask for more.Then we had a “Tris di Risotti” where they bring us three different Risotti: the first one is made with red wine (Amarone is one of Italy's most famous styles of wine, and is made with partially dried grapes in Valpolicella, Veneto, north-east Italy), the second Risotto was with Italian sausage and chestnut, and the last one was my favorite Citrus Fruit Risotto. It wasn’t sweet at all, but the taste and the aftertaste was so refreshing!As Second Course there was meat, I am vegetarian and they were very nice since they bring me a Cheese platter with veggies. And I was very satisfied.For dessert they brought us 4 different desserts: Chocolate and Coconut Mousse, Chocolate Salami (which just remebles a salami, but is made with chocolate and cookies), Tiramisù and Berries Cheesecake.We walked out of the restaurant very satisfied, and if you come to Verona, you should really come to the Risotteria Porto Mancino.

laura_comin 2 years ago