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Free Times Cafe

A cozy Toronto-based eatery offering a menu of Jewish comfort foods, live music events, and a popular Sunday brunch with folk performances.

Tips from the community

At the Free Times Cafe on College Street, owner Judy Perly started a weekly all-you-can-eat Sunday brunch called “Bella, Did Ya Eat?” more than 20 years ago. Sure, there are terrific bagels and blintzes and gefilte fish and French toast, but Judy herself is the star of the show. A true Jewish mother, she greets everyone at the door, introduces herself and checks up on them to make sure they’re eating enough. The Free Times is an awesome venue any time of the week, but on Sundays, brunch diners can listen to two hours of klezmer music—a sort of Yiddish folk music from East Europe—which Judy introduces with her well-worn spiel, instructing the crowd to shout out a hearty “Oy!” to set the mood. There are two shows, usually starting at around 10 and 1 p.m., and the music is often incredible, unique and soulful.  

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