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Formerly known as the Malay Quarter, you’ll find the Bo-Kaap neighborhood situated at the foot of Signal Hill. The Bo-Kaap Museum is the oldest building of Cape Town and the entire area has a fascinating history. Way back in the 1760s, when slaves were first allowed to lease and eventually buy houses, they nabbed the beautiful properties in this area. In celebration of their freedom, legend has it that they painted their houses in a rainbow of colors. The style is proudly maintained to this day and creates a dazzling streetscape. 

theblondeabroad 3 years ago

This multicultural area consists of brightly colored houses built in the seventeenth and nineteenth century. Also known for its cobble stoned streets, Bo-Kaap is the oldest surviving residential neighborhood in Cape Town. Its unique architecture attracts thousands of tourists every year. 

leyre_paniagua 3 years ago

Probably the most iconic neighborhood in Cape Town,known for the brightly colored houses, the Bo Kaap has a lot of history. It is a former township, and is the historical centre of Cape Malay culture.

theblondeabroad 3 years ago

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