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An iconic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea known for its rugged landscape, upscale resorts, Blue Grotto, and Roman ruins; a jet-set destination.
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Capri might be in eyeshot of the Sorrento Peninsula, but it really is another world. Sundecks and sleek bistros mingle by impossibly blue Mediterranean waters. Opulent villas hide beneath perfectly shaped stone pines. Cacti clutch the cliffs and gaze towards the sculpted tops of Monte Solaro. Ever since Tiberius, Rome’s most job-shy emperor, came to the island for his debaucherous parties, the world’s celebs have been flocking for fun in the sun. So, keep an eye out for glitzy yachts. Also expect to have to loosen the purse strings a little – Capri ain’t cheap!    

jrfrancis 4 years ago

Capri is a stunning island getaway located in the Campania region of Italy. Famous for its rugged coastline, crystal-clear waters, and rocky cliffs, this picturesque island is the perfect destination for anyone looking to escape the bustle of city life. Visitors can explore charming towns, indulge in delicious Italian cuisine, or simply relax on one of the island's many beaches.

seeker 1 year ago

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