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City Park

Iconic urban green space in New Orleans, known for its large oak trees, lagoons, gardens, art installations, and recreational activities.

Tips from the community

City Park is the largest park in New Orleans at 1,300 acres; almost double the size of New York’s Central Park. There are plenty of activities to do in City Park such as exploring the New Orleans Museum of Art and the New Orleans Botanical Garden. You can take out a swan boat on Big Lake, rent a kayak or canoe at their Bayou St. John access, and enjoy miles of walking paths all over the park. City Park is also an idyllic spot for a picnic in the city. Grab beignets from their on-site branch of Cafe Du Monde or order a plate of crawfish from a nearby restaurant and enjoy.

kaylee 2 years ago

Beautiful and entertaining, the kids will love City Park. Sprawling over 1,300 acres, there’s so much to do starting with the flowers and plants you’ll find inside. What’s even better? The Carousel Gardens Amusement Park which has 18 rides for children and adults of all ages. Things not to miss are Storyland which is a playground with larger-than-life characters from famous story books. Also check out Train Garden in the Botanic Garden area of the park where you’ll learn about the history and architecture of the town through replicas made out of botanic materials.

isabelledb 2 years ago

The City Park neighbourhood is really just a very large park, but what is so cool about it is that you can see alligators in the park’s lagoons! New Orleans is home to so much wildlife, right in the city! Do not feed or taunt the alligators though, unless you want to risk becoming their dinner!

wonderwhereiwander 2 years ago

City Park LOVE sign in the Sculpture Garden. Robert Indiana's pop art Love design. There are many of those signs around the world and we have one!!

hiusa 2 years ago

Is a must see! Check out the expanded sculpture garden and botanical garden.

hiusa 2 years ago

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