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Shops of the Colonnade

Tips from the community

Walk the French Market: The French Market is a large, open air shopping hub to freely explore every day of the week. If you enter the French Market from the Quarter side, you will instantly be greeted by over 20 different food and produce vendors selling items such as freshly shucked oysters, cactuses, and spices. They also have meals and to-go drinks available. Grab a bite and head further into the market to check out some of the other vendors. People always have creative art for sale, but you’ll also find staples like souvenir T-shirts, hand decorated masks, and jewelry.

kaylee 2 years ago

This market is a flea market with restaurants sprinkled all throughout. Take a load off at the Market Cafe with live music, beignets and chicory coffee.

natasha 2 years ago

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