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A vast multilevel shopping mall in downtown Toronto with over 250 stores, eateries, and services, plus a direct link to the subway system.

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When you want to talk malls in Toronto, two dominate the conversation: the Eaton Centre and Yorkdale. Eaton occupies a massive plot in the heart of downtown, with a sunny atrium, some fun art, a wide array of shops and more visitors than any other mall in North America (around 50 million each year). It’s almost an inevitable stop on any visit to Toronto, if only because it’s so big you sometimes have to walk through it to get where you need to go. Yorkdale is much farther away (you’ll probably want to take the subway), sitting on a massive plot around which condos are sprouting up every year. This former underdog used to be somewhat run-down, until a massive revitalization project expanded its walls, refinished its interiors and led to many old tenants leaving for high-end fashion and jewelry brands. 

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